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Jordan’s Pond, Acadia National Park, MDI, Maine. January 14, 2007

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outside seating at Jordan Pond House Restaurant

"the bubbles" ~ view from grassy hill

Jordan’s Pond is located inside Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island, Maine. There IS a pond, but to me the most important part of Jordan’s Pond is the restaraunt. It is crazy wonderful. I always choose to sit on the lawn, weather permitting. The restaraunt has indoor seating but on the grassy hills outside there are seats o’ plenty and the view is incredible. Sitting at a table on the lawn eating popovers, watching my son run crazy all over the hillside. What could be better?
As for the menu. I havent had anything that wasnt great, however, occasionally I will hear my husband whispering in his sleep about the lobster bisque. Okay, slight exaggeration, but let me tell you, get the lobster bisque. cup or bowl, just get it. (caution: could cause loud moaning, and flailing of arms….)
After you eat at least a dozen popovers, sit and enjoy the view of the “bubbles”, then mozy and I do mean mozy (after a full meal anything else would be suicide) down the path just past the grassy hill. It leads to a secret bridge over a pond. Stunning….
Jeeze, now I’m all riled up wanting a popover.

"secret bridge" on path just down from the grassy hill


2 Cats, Bar Harbor, Maine January 3, 2007

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2 cats

This seems in backwards order but trust me… there’s a reason. I will review the entire town of Bar Harbor (which I know like the back of my hand) but first, we pay our respects to 2 Cats Restaurant. Yes, I normally reserve posts to be about towns and geographic locations, but trust me, 2 Cats is a destination in itself.
2 Cats is a restaurant and inn that is my favorite place in earth. It is run locally and is always perfect. The food, the atmosphere, everything. Their blueberry muffins will make you lay down on the ground and kick your feet in the air (so be careful where you eat them!). They do all their baking on sight. Fresh every morning. And I cannot even begin to describe their coffee. I wish I could have an IV drip! Its organic, strong, and absolutely delightful.
Normally you can walk right up and they will seat you fairly quickly, however, the week of the 4th of July, prepare to wait.
If you find yourself in the perfection of Bar Harbor, make a point to stop and eat, or even stay at 2 cats. You will not be dissapointed.
Located at 130 Cottage St, Bar Harbor, ME. Visit their website for reservations, menus, and other great details.


Rockland Breakwater Light, Maine January 2, 2007

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rockland breakwater

The Rockland Breakwater light is one of my very favorite lighthouses. It is at the end of a 7/8 mile long breakwater made of huge granite boulders. They were pieced together to create the breakwater and now you can walk all the way down to the end and tour the lighthouse. I love the walk out because it feels like you are walking out into the ocean. Remember though, 7/8 mile there means 7/8 mile back. By time it’s all said and done, its a 2 mile walk. Just wear comfortable shoes because the path is pieced togther stones. You’ll be stepping stone to stone.
What gets me about this is the boulders are HUGE and this was built in 1902. I’d love to have seen how it was done.

The lighthouse is at the end of a 7/8-mile-long breakwater. It is open weekends in summer from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

rockland breakwater

Rock Jetty Rockland Headlight


Beehive, Acadia National Park, Maine January 1, 2007

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Okay. Hiking Beehive Mountain in Acadia National Park on Mt. Desert Island, Maine. MDI is absolutely my home away from home. There is a ton of stuff to do and see and Beehive is by far one of my favorites. I am a nature freak and love hiking. There are TONS of trails to hike but of course, I go for the challenge. Beehive in my opinion is hardly a mountain BUT it is a very steep climb. The Beehive Trail is rated as “Strenuous” and is approximately 0.8 miles/1.3 km long. Hiking is through woods to exposed cliffs. There are iron rungs on the ledges (my favorite) and very steep dropoffs.
One NO-NO for hikers. Okay a couple NO-NOs: no kids. period. There are no guard rails. Limit backpacks One quick peek back at a friend and that backpack can push you right over the edge. (yes, it can!). No “backing down the trail”. One way. UP. You cannot turn around, you have to hike UP and OVER, then walk down the other side. Fatalities occur most often due to “freaking out” and trying to climb back down. It’s not a long hike but its strenuous climbing, pulling yourself up… so weigh whether this is truly for you and if it is, go for it.
On the other side of Beehive is “the bowl” a wonderful pond with wild blueberry fields all around. You’ll go right by it on your way down from Beehive.
The views from Beehive are unparalleled. Dont go on a foggy day, you’ll want to stand there and gawk at Sand Beach from the ledges.
By the way, in the pictures below, you’ll see I hiked with my son. Once he came along I didnt hike Beehive trail with him. WAY TOO DANGEROUS. There is a way around the backside. I met my party at “the bowl”.
For Trail maps and cautions click here.


Me and Harris hiking

Group Hike