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Rockland Breakwater Light, Maine January 2, 2007

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rockland breakwater

The Rockland Breakwater light is one of my very favorite lighthouses. It is at the end of a 7/8 mile long breakwater made of huge granite boulders. They were pieced together to create the breakwater and now you can walk all the way down to the end and tour the lighthouse. I love the walk out because it feels like you are walking out into the ocean. Remember though, 7/8 mile there means 7/8 mile back. By time it’s all said and done, its a 2 mile walk. Just wear comfortable shoes because the path is pieced togther stones. You’ll be stepping stone to stone.
What gets me about this is the boulders are HUGE and this was built in 1902. I’d love to have seen how it was done.

The lighthouse is at the end of a 7/8-mile-long breakwater. It is open weekends in summer from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

rockland breakwater

Rock Jetty Rockland Headlight