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Wickenburg, Arizona January 2, 2007

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wickenburg, arizona

Strange that my travels landed me here, quite frankly. This is a sweet little (and I do mean little) town located about 1 hour north of Phoenix. It is quite a picturesque town. Wickenburg is a typical Arizona town with gorgeous scenery. I am normally spotted on the rocky cliffs of Maine or the deep into a trail in Oregon but on the side trip this little town has something unique.
At the coffee shop in town (not a starbucks… quaint, owner run, but can still make a mean cup of coffee) there is wifi (for free! though I encourage buying at least a coffee..sandwiches were good too…support the local economy!). I stood in line (yes two other people were there) and noticed that the owner greeted each person by name. Small town folk. Fun to visit.
The views were killer! We had the luxury of seeing a rain storm wash through. Rare, I hear, and absolutely breath-taking. The thunder heads were crazy huge. I felt tiny…
Okay on to the serious stuff. Apparently you have to be semi-crazy to stick around Arizona for long. So while you’re there be on the lookout for rattlesnakes, tarantulas, and my favorite, scorpions. They are in great supply out there and deserve some respect.
The cacti are alittle crazy too. Gorgeous but apparently deady. So, be careful. Look but dont touch. Watch close enough and you’ll likely see a cactus wren. (sweet harmless bird. one of the few harmless things there).
There are plenty of things to do, hot air balloon rides, horseback rides, jeep tours, and even apple picking. Just dont think your going to find a mall or starbucks anywhere in sight…. this is a “get away from it all” type place to visit.


2 Responses to “Wickenburg, Arizona”

  1. Madeleine Says:


    I love Wickenburg, too, though have only been there twice. The second time, around ’94, I was driving my Mom back from a family vacation in Prescott. We wanted to go through Wickenburg, as we had visited there in the early 60’s and found it really charming.

    We stopped at a coffee shop on the left side of the road, don’t know the name, and it was an old time place that had been there for awhile.

    Hope to visit there again some day, and enjoyed your narrative!

  2. John Says:

    I am sorry to inform you that there is now a Starbucks in Wickenburg, though it is located in the Safeway rather than as a stand-alone store. While this may seem like the beginning of the end, there is hope. When I first ordered a strong cup of coffee there the person behind the counter said “Watch out, thats a WHOO DOGGIE cup of coffee.” So if even Starbucks can be overcome by our great little town I think that we can handle anything. Along the same lines, when McDonalds first came to town, decades ago, the mayor came in the first day and cut the ties off of each manager, stating “There are no ties in Wickenburg.” We will stand up to all invaders. 🙂

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